Chakra Balancing through Mala Making at Divine Power Yoga!

Event Date: MAR 10, 2018

Make Your Own Mala Necklace on March 10th ~

Join Linda as she combines Chakras and Mala Making into one FUN workshop!

What is a Chakra? We have seven of energy sources along our spine which energy flows through. Each plays a role in overall health and well being. When all of your Chakras are balanced you will feel happy, energized, powerful, free, loved, secure, and fulfilled! Isn't that what we all want?

Ok, so what is a Mala Necklace? They're fun, colorful, an addictive! They're 108 beads strung together for personal wear or intention and affirmation setting!

So how are you combining the two? Fill out a short quiz(link below), we'll get your responses and when you come to the workshop, the beads that will be ready for you to string will correspond with the Chakra that needs more attention!

Investment: $65: includes materials for the necklace, instruction and time for you.

Registration Deadline: March 1st
Preregistration is required as we need to purchase the beads for your personal mala prior to the workshop.Register here to sign up and find the link to the Chakra quiz!