Yoga in the Workplace

We'll bring yoga to you!


Yoga in Your Workplace!

Health is Wealth!

Yoga in Your Workplace is a great way to build community within your organization and help improve your employees’ work-life balance, reduce stress, and increase productivity. 

Yoga in Your Workplace classes can be conducted just about anywhere:  in an office, a conference room, an empty lunchroom, or even a rooftop!  Your classes will be personalized to suit the needs of each participant and the times that best work with your employees’ schedules.  We offer classes in the early morning, after work, or even during lunchtime!

To get started with Yoga in YOUR Workplace, all you need is a group of employees with a desire for a healthier, more fulfilled life, AND a yoga mat.

Companies who offer yoga classes to their employees gain as much out of the program as the participants!  Health is wealth!



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