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  • "Linda is empowering, competent & amazing. The hour flies by as she cues your through a great practice with upbeat music. A must for anyone who loves a good vinyasa flow.", (Coco K., 7/29/19)

    Coco K.

  • "Divine and its staff are incredibly welcoming to all who enter the studio doors. The classes I've taken have been excellent, and I have begun building relationships with some of the instructors, which feels great. I had no experience when I walked in the door for the first time, but I've learned a ton over the past few months, and I am grateful for the Divine family.", (Kayla H., 8/8/19)

    Kayla H.

  • "Divine Power Yoga truly exemplifies the saying "Yoga is Magic!!' Such a welcoming studio you won't  go wrong with the wonderful teachers at Divine Power Yoga to help you develop and strengthen your yoga practice.", (John K., 8/7/19)

    John K.

  • "I've been going to Divine Power Yoga for over 3 years now.  I absolutely love it.  I enjoy the different classes offered, my favorites are the Music & Power Yoga class and the YOD class (a mix of yoga and HIIT).  Every instructor has a different teaching style and they are all amazing.  It feels like family.", (Noor K., 8/2/19)

    Noor K.

  • "I have been a student at Divine Power Yoga for nearly 4 years now.  Started as a total beginner at yoga and love the studio!  Have taken a variety of classes from all the instructors there.  Have found my yoga tribe at #divineyogasl #divinepoweryogatribe!  This is the one place where I can push my limits mentally and physically and leave feeling energized and calm!  I agree with the other reviewer Noor..... It feels like family! Would highly recommend giving it a try even as a total newbie!

    What an awesome group of instructors here!", (Sue M., 8/5/19)

    Sue M.

  • "I am very new to the area and love this studio! I find it very welcoming and really like that the instructors accommodate to all levels. Highly recommend!", (Kelly M., 8/1/19)

    Kelly M.

  • "Loved it.", (Lola Z., 5/27/19) Referencing Linda's Music & Power Class

    Lola Z.

  • "The best studio I have ever been to!", (Christena D., 4/23/19)

    Christena D.

  • "Amazing stretch, felt my back pain melt away for the 1st time in a long time. I feel so relaxed.", (Erin E., 4/16/19) Referencing Melissa's Deep Stretch/Yin Class

    Erin E.

  • "Just amazing for your mind, body and soul.  Not to mention, the workouts kick your butt!!, (Deborah D., 3/4/19)

    Deborah D.

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