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  • "Great mix of class offerings and the instructors are awesome.", (Brooke F., 8/14/18)

    Brooke F

  • "They have classes for every level in yoga. The instructors are wonderful and helpful in assisting you in your practice. Highly recommended.", (Rick M., 8/11/18)

    Rick M

  • "The instructors are so encouraging and supportive to you and your practice. A nice variety of classes at different times make it easy to find a good fit.", (Maria H., (8/7/18)

    Maria H

  • "The teachers are very well trained. The attention that you get when you are in the class is brilliant! I feel I can ask the teacher anything I need help with. Most importantly, the heart of this business is one to be recognized.", (Angela A., 7/11/18)

    Angela A

  • "One hundred thousand stars! I would go every day if I could. Divine Yoga for the win.". (Raymee J., 7/11/18)

    Raymee J

  • YOD Class - "The best of both worlds w/ yoga and HIIT that gets my heart pumping. Loved the music - really motivating & kept me wanting to do more. So glad Linda is teaching this at Divine, I love that I can continue to expand my practice.", (Noor K., 2/10/18)

    Noor K

  • "My experience in the Tween yoga class has been fantastic! It has been a great learning opportunity for me and a part of my week that I look forward to.", (Paige S. 12/11/18)

    Paige S

  • "Kara is an amazing teacher, and the Simply Stretch class is designed to accommodate everyone. It's relaxing, warm, and surprisingly fun. If you want to get more flexible, or just have a little exercise, I highly recommend the class.", (Dave C., 2/8/18)

    Dave C

  • Intense Power Class - "Just finished my first intense power class! Not scary at all. Was an awesome way to spice up the yoga practice!", (Sue M., 2/16/18)

    Sue M

  • Master Class - "A great experience! I learned a lot about alignment and the poses that I do in every class. Fun partner work too. I'm going to bring my fiance' next time.", (Raime L., 2/3/18)

    Raime L