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  • "Just amazing for your mind, body and soul.  Not to mention, the workouts kick your butt!!, (Deborah D., 3/4/19)

    Deborah D.

  • "Wonderful class! I have taken many of Linda’s classes (Basics, Power, YOD and Yoga at Witch’s Hat!) and they are always fantastic. Great flows, killer workouts and spot-on cues. You can really tell that she has been practicing and studying yoga for a long time!", (Eric O., 12/3/18)

    Eric O.

  • "Just had an awesome massage with Cheryl.", (Kay A., 2/24/19)

    Kay A.

  • "This is a phenomenal class. You will be challenged but worth it!", (Stephanie, C 1/26/19) Referencing Linda's YOD/HIIT Class)

    Stephanie C.

  • "Fabulous class, the classes here are amazing.", (Theresa B., 10/23/18) - Referencing Shawn's Power Class

    Theresa B.

  • "I couldn't believe my luck to have found such a warm welcoming yoga studio!   I've done yoga off and on over the past 30 years and know good instruction when I see it.  I feel like I have found my forever yoga home!", (Kathy L., 2/23/19)

    Kathy L.

  • "Linda is amazing. The class was awesome. Challenging and uplifting. Great spirit from the class.", (John M., 12/29/18)

    John M.

  • "Great mix of class offerings and the instructors are awesome.", (Brooke F., 8/14/18)

    Brooke F

  • "They have classes for every level in yoga. The instructors are wonderful and helpful in assisting you in your practice. Highly recommended.", (Rick M., 8/11/18)

    Rick M

  • "The instructors are so encouraging and supportive to you and your practice. A nice variety of classes at different times make it easy to find a good fit.", (Maria H., (8/7/18)

    Maria H